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Sprint to the Finish Line

By book inc

August 19, 2022

As we approach September, our Incubator writers are frantically finishing their manuscripts. They are typing sentences, moving sections from Scrivener into Word and back again, fretting over italics vs. quotes, and in general, putting the pedal to the medal as they aim to have a reader-ready manuscript by the deadline.

After staying up late to work on her manuscript, one such writer posted on Slack. “Does anyone else have ‘No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn’ by the Beastie Boys in their heads?” That got us thinking. What if we had a Writers Playlist to get us jazzed to finish our manuscripts?

Most everyone has a song or lyric that pumps them up, gets them to put their heads down and push themselves across the finish line. Maybe it’s the melodic piano of the Chariots of Fire theme song. Or perhaps the futurist keyboard sounds in “The Final Countdown.” Or maybe it’s Enimen’s speech in “Lose Yourself:”

Look, if you had, one shot…To seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you capture it?

Whether or not you have a deadline approaching, we hope you enjoy this “Don’t Stop” playlist.