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Why We’re Different from Other Creative Writing Programs

Most workshops and programs focus on craft, which is only part of the puzzle to writing books and getting published.

The bigger challenge is the process. What do YOU need to do to get your book done and out in the world? This isn’t easy. Dedicating yourself to writing, revising, and publishing a long-term book project is formidable. The most successful authors have a community of support from fellow writers, readers, and editors to realize the potential of their work and get it out in the world. At book inc, that’s our mission. To be a sustainable writing community that never ends, that supports you from initial conception to publication.

We’re here for you from idea to drafting, revising, and submission and after that, too 

Unlike most creative writing classes that have a beginning and an end we’ve created book inc to be with you through the entire process of writing a book, from idea through drafting and revision all the way to completion and beyond, through querying and submission, too. There’s no artificial cut off when you graduate. You can stay part of the community as long as you’re writing and submitting books

We’re a better return on your investment

We are far less expensive than an MFA. We’re also less expensive than the majority of book-in-a-year programs. We keep the cost low to be accessible. We want the benefits of being in the writers collective available to all writers. What’s more our process-based approach is more effective. Our participants draft and revise excellent, enjoyable books they’re proud of. 

We support your vision in making your art

Most traditional writing programs are based on a guru model where you get advice from on high. We believe all writers are artists, wherever you happen to be in your writing journey. Our job is the not to tell you what to do, but rather to support and encourage you as we help each other cultivate each others strengths in order to tackle the challenge of writing a book. 

We provide useful positive feedback from fresh readers 

Fresh readers are essential to give you insight at different stages in your writing process, to give you insight how your readers experience your story in real time. We point out the strengths of your story, giving you the confidence to build on what’s working, rather than by pointing out weaknesses. Our approach is not only kinder and far more enjoyable than so-called critiquing, it’s also more effective. You don’t need more criticism, we’re all self critical enough. Writers blossom when we’re encouraged and get much more done. 

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