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Being Busy Can Help

During the school year, I feel like I’m too busy to get writing done. But when my day is structured, I prioritize my writing. Being busy can help.

By Renee Walsh

August 25, 2022

People say, “If you want a task done quickly, ask a busy person to do it.” Meaning a busy person manages time wisely and gets things done while someone with more free time might squander away hours.

As a full-time teacher, I couldn’t wait for the summer months so I could finally spend big chunks of time revising my novel. Or that’s what I thought. When school let out at the end of June, I told myself: I’ll write after the Fourth of July holiday. But then, my empty calendar quickly filled with social visits, travel plans, and projects I’d wanted to get to. My writing suffered. It’s now nearly September and while I’ve gotten some revisions in, I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I had hoped with all my free time.

During the school year, I often feel like I’m too busy to get writing done. But the truth is, when I’m busy and my day is structured, I’m forced to schedule my writing. And when I add it to my daily calendar, I prioritize it.

Just like exercise, tending to a garden, or anything that requires regular effort, a writing practice works best when it’s part of a scheduled routine. As I think about the school year ahead, I know my days will become much busier, but they’ll also include more time spent writing. And I plan to keep this in mind for next summer. I don’t need large chunks of free time. I just need a schedule. A busy person gets things done.

Renee Walsh previously wrote for a lifestyle public relations house in New York City and currently teaches reading and writing workshops to elementary-