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Which Writing program is right for me?

Incubators, revision, submission … we know it can all be a bit overwhelming and you may be wondering which writing program is right for you. To help you pick the appropriate class for wherever you are in your writing process, we created a guide below. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

I plan to write a memoir or novel someday, but I’m new to creative writing. Where do I start?

Project Write Now (PWN)’s Writers Institute offers three- and six-week classes and one-day workshops for writers who are just getting started in the writing process. The classes are tiered 1 through 3 to reflect the type of experience you will have in the class, not the difficulty of the class or expertise of the instructor. The level 1 classes are prompt-based and are designed to generate new writing with no or minimal outside assignments.


I’ve taken creative writing workshops and would like to bring my writing to the next level with the hope of eventually writing a memoir or novel.

If you’ve taken some generative writing classes and are ready to move on to the next step, check out level II and III classes and workshops offered at PWN’s Writers Institute. Their level 2 classes include mentor text analysis and workshopping and depending on the instructor, there may be outside assignments. A level 3 class focuses on workshopping with a commitment to present polished work. It also includes mentor text analysis and weekly outside assignments.


I have a book idea, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to write it yet. OR, I’ve written a memoir or novel but need to investigate whether my foundation is sound.

book inc offers electives at PWN’s Writers Institute for memoir or novel writers who are either just starting out or need to work on their manuscripts.  

  • Book Blueprint – to create a solid foundation and plan for a memoir or novel. 


I’m ready to commit to writing a memoir or novel!

If you’ve completed a few writing classes and workshops and are ready to commit to writing a full-length book, then you’re ready for our Incubator programs.

  • Memoir and Novel Incubators – yearlong programs for drafting a novel or memoir, from idea to completion. Our next Incubators will begin in January 2024. Contact us if you want to be alerted when our application period opens.


I completed a draft of my novel or memoir and need to revise the book with an eye toward publication.

You’ve written your first or second draft of your manuscript. Now it’s time to revise. 

  • Book Revision Lab I (BRL I) – a six-month program, with a primary focus on increasing the effectiveness of the story. Our next BRL I begins in January 2024. Contact us if you want to be alerted when our application period opens.


I’ve completed a number of revisions of my memoir or novel. Now I want to focus on improving the prose.

When you’re confident your book structure is in place, it’s time to focus on making page-level revisions.  


I finished my memoir or novel. I’m ready (or near ready) to submit my work for publication.

When your manuscript is the absolute best it can be, it’s time to pursue publishing. 

  • Book Submission Lab (BSL) a six-month program to build a submission package (query, synopsis and first pages) and agent strategy. Our next Book Submission Lab begins on July 26. We are currently accepting applications. Apply now.

We hope  you found this guide helpful. Again, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at