From Initial Conception to Publication

We are with you through the entire process of writing a book, from first ideas through drafting and revision, and submitting for publication. We also promote your work using our community's author platform.

Lifelong Community

There’s no artificial cut off date once you finish a book, you can remain a part of the community as long as you’re writing, which is why even MFA graduates choose to join us.

Proven & Effective

Our focus on the process helps you build an effective writing practice, which boosts confidence and productivity, spurring you to complete drafts and revisions of your memoir or novel you can be proud of.

A Positive Approach to Feedback

Our feedback focuses on building on the strengths of your writing, not by tearing it apart. This approach is not only more enjoyable, it’s much more effective and motivating.


Our programs cost under a tenth of the median tuition for masters in fine arts and a fraction of most book-in-a-year programs.


Our low price point and fully online programs help us reach a broader audience of writers and artists including those who are self-taught.

Book Incubator (Memoir or Novel)

1 Year

Applications open 10/1/24

Are you ready to write a book?

Our Memoir and Novel Incubators support writers from conception to completion. Ideal for those struggling to finish full-length projects on their own, the incubators offer outlining tools, supportive readers and feedback, and accountability.

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Book Revision Lab

6 Months

Applications open 4/1/24

Have you completed a manuscript draft?

Join our Book Revision Lab for powerful revision techniques that unlock your book’s artistic and commecial potential. Exchange feedback, build revision plans, and execute them towards meaningful revisions with publication in mind.

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Book Submission Lab

6 Weeks

Applications open 4/1/24

Submitting your book for publication?

Our Book Submission Lab prepares writers to submit their memoirs or novels to publishers. From crafting the submission package (query letters, synopsis, etc. ) to developing a strategic submission plan, we guide you in the final step in the process.

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Book Writers Forum


Ongoing for book inc writers who have completed an incubator and Book Revision Lab

In the trenches, continuing to revise your book and send out queries?

Our Book Writers Forum provides accountability, encouragement, and best practices for writers in it for the long haul, with the expert support of our resiliency and submission coaches.

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Apply now!

Currently accepting applications for our next six-month Book Revision Lab, beginning on July 18, 2024.

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