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Lou Storey

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Lou Storey is a visual artist and retired psychotherapist living in Savannah Georgia, with Steve, his husband of thirty years. Lou’s fiction and creative nonfiction writings have appeared in The New Yorker, The New York Times’ Tiny Love Stories, River Teeth’s Beautiful Things, Blue Mountain Literary Review, Multiplicity Magazine, Beyond Queer Words Anthology and in journals related to supporting creativity and mental well-being, and issues connected to LGBTQ older adults. Lou is also a featured artists in the documentary film “The Creative Imperative.”


Creative Nonfiction
Printed Publications
    • Spring 2022 | “Unwinding the Clock,” p.16 | 3rd Act Magazine
    • 2022 “Inviting Sanctuary,” p 194-198 | The Power of the Pause
    • 2022 “Punch Chicken,” p 20-21 | Tin Can Literary Review, Vol. II 
    • December 2021 | “The Man that Set Me Free,” p. 31-32 | Beyond Queer Words
    • 2021 | “Newfangled,” p.202-211 | Stories Through The Ages 
    • 2020 | “The Forty-Eighth Date,” p. 111 | Tiny Love Stories, The Book, New York Times
    • 2015 | “Noetic Inspiration,” p 147-171 | Foundation Theology
    • 2017 | “Near Death Experience,” p 107-125 | Foundation Theology
    • 2008 |  “Interview,” p. 98 The New Yorker Cartoon Caption Book