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Jen Shields

peer artist leader (book revision lab)


Jen Shields has been listening to people’s sacred stories for over 30 years as a licensed professional counselor in private practice. She understands that the key to good writing is community and perseverance. During her eight-year affiliation with Project Write Now, she co-led summer writing camps for teen girls and women’s empowerment writing at the Red Bank Food Pantry with Lisa Hartsgrove. During COVID, she held bi-weekly journaling classes with the Red Bank Public Library and at The Atrium, an assisted living facility. Having relocated to Plymouth, Massachusetts, she is thrilled to continue her affiliation with both Project Write Now and book inc, teaching memoir and as a Peer Artist Leader for Novel Incubator and Book Revision Lab. When not working, you can find her in the woods or on the beach with her two best friends: Mr. Bruce, her chocolate lab, and Stella, her Havanese. She has been published in Schuylkill Valley Journal, MockingOwl Roost, and Memoir Monday.

Medium: @jeneshields76
Instagram: @jenshields8


Creative Nonfiction
  • February 2023 | “Gratitude” | The MockingOwl Roost
  • April 2022 | “Sweet Spot” | Schuylkill Valley Journal Online