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Book SUBMISSION Lab (Six Months)

Book Submission Lab is a six-month program designed for writers ready to submit their memoirs or novels for publication. With a focus on community, the Book Submission Lab provides feedback, support, and guidance for writers ready to take on the challenging process of getting their work out in the world.  

During the Book Submission Lab, we focus on all the components of the book submission process, including developing the submission package (query letter, synopsis, and opening pages), as well as developing a submission plan based on your goals for your book. Writers exchange feedback on their submission packages, build submission plans, and execute their plans.

Participants must be committed to the long-term process of submitting their memoir and novel for publication, and be able and eager to lend support and encouragement to their peers. We are looking for passionate writers who are eager to learn, persist in the process, and are open to a collaborative experience. 

Whether your goal is to query agents or small publishers, by working together we can help each other keep steadfast and consistent, to maximize our chance of success.  

Our next six-month Book Submission Lab begins July 26, 2023. Our Application Period opens on April 3, 2023. Check back here then to apply or send us an email at to be put on our contact list. 

Join us on Wednesday, April 19 at 7 p.m. ET for our free virtual workshop So You Wrote a Book … Now What?  
to learn more about our Book Revision Lab and Book Submission Lab programs.

Book Submission Lab

How Our Book Submission Lab Works

PART I:  Creating the Submission Package and Plan (First Six Sessions)

During the first six weeks, we will develop our submission package, drafting, revising, and workshopping our log lines, query letters, and synopses, using submission resources we provide. We will also help each other polish our opening pages, based on genre and editing best practices. Our shared goal is to make our submission packages professional and the best representation of our work they can be.  We will also be creating a submission plan, creating lists of agents and/or small publishers that we’d like to target. 

PART II:  Submission Package Reviews (One-on-One)

Professional evaluation of submission packages, which includes a query letter along with 10 pages, consisting of some combination of the opening pages of the manuscript and synopsis (optional for novel writers). The Submission Package Review, includes a 30-minute phone consultation with advice about the submission package. 

PART III: Executing the Plan (Last Three Sessions)

Over the following months, we will execute our submission plan, meeting monthly on Zoom to encourage each other during this challenging process. During our sessions, we will each share our progress, discuss our successes and disappointment, as well as share practical insights and recommendations to help each other target the right agents and publishers.

Are You a Good Fit for Our Book Submission Lab?

To participate in the Book Submission Lab you should:

  • Have a completed memoir or novel you are ready to send out to be considered for publication.
  • Have experience in writing workshops at Project Write Now, book inc, or elsewhere.
  • Be open and interested in learning about the submission process, along with creating a sustainable submission strategy, practice, and plan of your own.
  • Be eager and available to support your fellow writers to tackle the often long-term, challenging process of submission, offering encouragement, practical recommendations, positive feedback.
  • Be able and willing to read submission packages of fellow participants, and provide useful, positive feedback. 
  • Be able to commit the time to make steady progress during the three parts of the program.

Program Details

Cost: $750

Our six-month program costs $750. Tuition can be paid in full or in two increments according to our payment schedule. Your registration will not be considered complete until your payment, payment plan, or scholarship seat has been confirmed. To apply for a full or partial scholarship seat, please email

All proceeds help support PWN’s community outreach programs. 


We meet on Zoom on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 p.m. ET. For the first six sessions, we meet one day a week then monthly thereafter according to the following schedule:

Part I: (Weekly Sessions)

July 26
August 2
August  9
August 23
August 30

Part II: (One-on-One Evaluations) – During September 

Part III: (Monthly Forum)

September 13
October 11
November 15

*Dates are subject to change.

Application Process

For more information and to be contacted when our next application period opens, please email us at